Sapphire Engagement Rings

There are a lot of people who opt to buy sapphire engagement ring due to the reason that they're more affordable and come in wide varieties of colors than diamonds. Numerous people are interested to the idea of buying bigger sapphire on same budget as diamond. Still, it is important to have clues about sapphires so by that, you can make the best decisions on which engagement rings to buy in terms of the quality, appearance and value of gemstone.

Since there's such expanse of sapphires you can find in the market, choosing the perfect blue sapphire engagement rings isn't hard at all. Not like diamonds which you have to follow the guidelines of 4Cs which is the carat, cut, color and clarity, sapphires are a bit difficult to categorize.

An important thing to be considered when deciding on the perfect sapphire engagement ring to buy are the shape, size and color of gemstone.


The most valued and popular sapphire color is dark blue and at the same time, this carries a royal status as it was worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. There are lots of people who actually prefer this sapphire color as it's well known, elegant and classic. That being said, sapphires come in colors of spectrum and all create a bespoke and beautiful ring. Sapphire are available in purple, pink, orange, yellow, white and green. The Pink colored sapphires are now becoming a more common option for sapphire jewelries.For more facts and information regarding engagement rings, you can go to .

Shape and Size

The next thing to be considered when selecting engagement rings with sapphires is the size and shape of gemstone. There are various shapes available for these stones. The ring may be a single solitaire sapphire which is what used in most engagement rings. A popular cut for these rings are cushion, oval and round cuts. Standard size for round sapphire is 6mm which is similar to .75 carat diamond.

3 stone sapphire rings are alternative to classic, cushion and round cut sapphire. A more commonly seen in trinity and anniversary rings, 3 stone sapphire engagement rings can make a more one of a kind engagement ring.

The sapphire cluster rings become more and more popular today. They're made of various small sapphires in cluster formation and may be set either with or without diamonds. These rings are actually more economical compared to single solitaire sapphires as they weigh less and the cluster appears to be a single big gemstone from afar.